Innovation In The Company – What Happened?

In the real world, outside the academic world, we have the same problem where the company’s employees are discouraged from thinking, trained to do things exactly according to the employee manual, industry best management practices or the guidelines of their bosses, and yet their bosses do the same thing? Is anyone – even Suite C or the Board of Directors – still thinking about it? Are they copying their competitors’ marketing campaigns, business strategies and processes too – apparently, which is quite obvious when reading trade magazines and following industry associations.

In fact, many industry associations (bureaucratic status quo) offer training courses for industry people – but this means that once everyone is trained, all companies go down the same path at the same speed, with the same power and the same rules as everyone else. Welcome to the human race of rats – looks more like NASCAR than a revolutionary innovation or a great technological leap forward. How can you or your company benefit if you simply copy what everyone else is doing or trying to do? How can your company make a breakthrough or find another new product?

What happened to American innovation?

We Americans complain when China and other countries swindle our intellectual property, and yet what do we do to ourselves? No one thinks anymore? Every time I turn around, I see the same thing. What has happened to American innovation, creative problem solving, and this “attitude capable of doing” that when there is a will, we will find a way? We only see a few companies that still think or push the limits? Why? Why?

Do we have too many containment rules and regulations? Are too many companies afraid of lawsuits or declines in equity, share price, and quarterly earnings? Are there too many class action lawyers willing to strike – preventing companies from taking risks? Are companies too concerned about the boycotts made possible by political correctness in our changing society – be careful not to hurt anyone – be careful, don’t make waves?

Are all these things mentioned above, plus the slowness of the indoctrination of the media, the academic community and the ever-present indoctrination of government? Maybe, but what’s the underlying cause. Humans do not become less intelligent IQ has been increasing for 100 years. Can social media play a role in this problem I have observed? Some say that social media has contributed to innovation – is that really the case? It seems that faster communication would increase original thinking and make everyone a little more innovative – but that is not the case. It seems to be a mockery of our society more than it helps to encourage creative minds and make us all innovators.

How innovation can deliver results

Innovation is not synonymous with invention. Companies benefit from increased performance and efficiency when innovation is implemented, in addition to creating greater efficiency in work processes. Therefore, the integral element of your business approach must be conducive to successful innovation. This implies inducing new thinking, creating dynamic products and also improving ongoing services. Establishing links with consumers so that they can provide innovative ideas for upgrading various processes, services or products is a viable step. Encouraging employees to think and work in innovative ways can be a key factor. Market analysis of consumer needs can lead to new adoptions for change. Apart from all this, the factor that stimulates innovation is “inspiring leadership”.

The pioneers

Innovative entrepreneurs have what is called a creative brain. This facilitates innovation while being different from other types of skills. It’s more than the cognitive ability to have the right brain. Innovators use their understanding and intelligence to influence the agility of innovation and generate innovative thinking. Innovators observe with caution, deliberately and without fault the smallest details of the conduct of a customer, supplier, and others. They do this to get an overview of innovative ways to get things done. These innovators are constantly engaged in a kind of dynamic experimentation. It may be a logical study, substantial manipulation or engagement in a new environment. Devoting energy and time to developing and evaluating ideas using a system of diverse individuals offers innovators very different perspectives. It is the ability to create effective links with seemingly dissimilar issues, initiatives or dilemmas from various motives that allow the innovator to innovate.

The results

Innovation means looking at a dilemma in a different way to trace answers that escape the practices of right demands. There are modus operandi, devices, and tactics that you can put together with your continuous development process to be the element of your innovation. Innovation is not an additional task, but rather a factor in what you do. The intention of innovation is to find an improved link between your company and other processes. Your innovative solution must be financially reasonable. It should offer more services to consumers.

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