Main Reasons Why Athletes Should Consult A Sports Doctor

The lives of professional athletes are not easy. They must participate in intensive exercises and training activities on an ongoing basis to provide maximum performance in front of an audience.

While these activities are crucial to keeping athletes in shape, they can also damage their bodies.

Sports medicine is a growing health field dedicated to the treatment of sports and exercise-related injuries such as fractures, dislocations, sprains and strains, tendonitis, overtraining syndrome, and degenerative diseases.

In addition to treating injuries, it also aims to help athletes improve their performance and prevent injuries in the future.

Although this is a relatively new medical specialty, it has become essential for athletes because of its ability to address their specific needs and concerns.

What is a sports doctor?

A sports doctor is an authorized and trained person who focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sports-related injuries.

These specialists treat their patients with physiotherapy, orthopedic surgery, massage therapy, exercise, and other techniques so that they can return to their desired level of activity quickly, safely and successfully.

They also teach athletes nutrition to help them maintain optimal health and fitness levels and achieve their sport performance goals.

The sports medicine team includes sports physiotherapists, sports massage therapists, sports orthopedic surgeons, sports podiatrists, sports trainers, sports dietitians, exercise physiologists, and sports biomechanics.

Common sports injuries

Some common sports injuries suffered by athletes on the field include ankle sprains, groin strain, hamstring tension, knee injuries, tennis elbow, Achilles tendonitis, concussion, shoulder injuries, bursitis of the hip, quadriceps tension and tibia splints.

They may also experience the exacerbation of pre-existing health problems such as diabetes, asthma, allergies, and arthritis.

Reasons to consult a sports doctor

There are many reasons for an athlete to consult a sports doctor. Let’s take a look at some of them.

(1) Personalized care:

Sports doctors are specially trained health professionals who have a thorough understanding of what the impacts of exercise could be on their patients’ bodies. They collaborate with physiotherapists and orthopedic surgeons to develop a personalized treatment for their patient.

(2) Injury prevention:

Sports doctors can provide athletes with expert advice on how to prevent injuries during practice or play and reduce the risk of resurfacing a previous injury. They also conduct physical examinations of their patients before their participation to determine if they are fit enough to resume their sports activities.

(3) Pain management:

Sports injuries can lead to several orthopedic problems that often cause chronic pain, making it difficult for athletes to resume play and perform their activities.

While the primary goal of sports physicians is always to diagnose, treat and resolve injuries, they also use pain management therapies such as electrical stimulation, spinal decompression, prescription drugs and injectable medications to help their patients prevent or delay the need for surgery and continue their daily activities without any hindrance.

(4) Rehabilitation:

For an athlete, the return from an injury can be a long and complicated process. If you find yourself marginalized by an injury, a sports doctor can help you restore your movements and functions and quickly return to an equal or higher level of physical fitness.

(5) Improvement of sporting performance:

Sports doctors diagnose and treat uncomfortable conditions to help you achieve your maximum performance, both on and off the field.

They also offer exercises and techniques to improve your strength and balance that contribute to your success as an athlete.

(6) Improvement of general physical condition:

Sports doctors help athletes prevent sprains, strains and muscle tears to keep athletes from spraining.

Advantages of sports physiotherapy

It is then the responsibility of the sports physiotherapists to get them back on track as quickly as possible.

The place of sports physiotherapy in the world of sport is now recognized as the most important. Sports physiotherapy centers come to the rescue of professional athletes not only to treat sports injuries but also to improve their performance through physiotherapy. The advantages they offer are as follows:

Strengthens the athlete’s physical resistance

Professional athletes must hit in sports that involve direct contacts such as rugby, football, boxing, and basketball. Being under the care of a physiotherapist allows athletes to improve their body’s strength and resistance. Muscles, bones, ligaments, and joints are strengthened, which helps athletes withstand the high physical stress of their sport.

Injury prevention

Physiotherapy centers offer personalized training programs for athletes. These regimes are based on observations made by the physiotherapist during the training sessions. The physiotherapist knows exactly where the athlete stands in terms of flexibility, joint flexion and strength. Therefore, his training regime ensures that the incidence of the athlete suffering from cramps, sprains, stress and ligament tears is greatly reduced.

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